Richard Bellairs has 20+ years of experience across a wide range of industries. He held electronics and software engineering positions in the manufacturing, defense, and test and measurement industries in the nineties and early noughties before moving to product management and product marketing. He now champions Perforce’s market-leading code quality management solution.

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  • Make sure that the application development software you have selected includes high-end security features, to avoid malicious acts or loss of data.
  • Integration Platform as a Service allows integrating on-premise apps with cloud applications and vice versa.
  • Developing apps should be easy for even non-technical users using mobile application development software.
  • This is the basic requirement of any application development software.
  • While creating applications, there is a lot of crucial information and data which is being used and stored.


Static analyzers can be run over code as soon as it’s written. This creates an automated feedback loop, so developers can improve code before it goes to the code review phase.

What you measure may be different from what other development team measures. A developer will be more conscientious of their own code before code-complete is declared it’s known a team of developers will be reviewing the code daily. If you encourage a collaborative culture, developers will feel ownership of their code quality and your team will build trust over time.

By having the authors carefully read through and annotate their own code, prior to giving it to their team for review, fewer defects were found. In case you want to use ML and AI to go beyond code review into the behavioral analysis, you should check out CodeScene. Are you looking for a fairly easy to use code review tool with support? If you are looking for an open-source code review tool, give Gerrit, Peer Review for Trac, or community edition of Rhodocode a try. One interesting thins about Reviewable is that it overcomes a few drawbacks of the code review in GitHub’s pull requests feature.

Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Sheffield and a professional diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing . code reviews is to follow best practicesand take advantage of automated tools.

For instance, a comment on a line of code is automatically hidden by GitHub once a developer changes the line because GitHub assumes that the issue has been fixed. Rhodecode integrates seamlessly with your existing projects, which makes it a great choice for someone looking for a web-based code review tool.

It’s important to regularly test code on different platforms, rather than waiting until the end of development. It’s also a good idea to set your compiler warning levels as high as possible — and use at least two compilers. Testability can be measured based on how many test cases you need to find potential faults in the system. Size and complexity of the software can impact testability. So, applying methods at the code level — such as cyclomatic complexity — can help you improve the testability of the component.

It is up to the manager to foster a positive attitude about finding defects. Code reviews offer an opportunity for all team members to correct bad habits learn new tricks, and expand capabilities. Studies show that the accuracy of finding defects during reviews is 5X times as effective when you review no more than 200 lines in one sitting. In our 2018 State of Code Review report, we found that respondents who said that they understand expectations on reviews are much more likely to be satisfied with the overall code quality.



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