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But even the paid ones have an option for a free trial, so you can test the waters before making the jump. Interface — how a software feels and how easy it is to work with is a highly subjective matter. When it comes to user-friendliness, you have to trust your gut. Self-hosted platforms, like the one you can download on, feel like having your own place. You have complete control over the purpose and interior of your estate.

WordPress Com: Best Free Blogging Platform

It’s a simple and straightforward blogging adventure with the Gator blog builder. Users seem to enjoy the ease of use and the additional support they get from the provider. Forms, multimedia galleries, social media integrations, live chats – just some of the wonders you can do with a Jimdo plugin. Just like Strikingly, Jimdo does not have a proprietary app store or a unified source for plugins. Instead, you can search around and find different third-party add-ons, which you can then add to your blogging website via a code snippet.

TypePad blog sites don’t enjoy the luxury of a proprietary plugin directory. Still, you can find some add-ons for Movable Type, the platform’s underlying technology. You can also enjoy seamless access to thousands of blogs that you can add to your RSS feed in a matter of a few mouse clicks. TypePad hosts an impressive company of prominent news blogs — BBC, Sky News, ABC, and MSNBC all rely on its impeccable services. Initially launched in 2003, the blog service utilizes the Movable Type platform for its publishing editor and template architecture. One of the ways to make money off of Ghost is to use the plugin integration mentioned above. Set up your website with Google AdSense and start running ads on your blog in no time.

You can easily manage URLs, metadata, and enable HTTPS connection. Plus, with the detailed audience statistics, you’ll always be informed of how users react to your content. Jimdo aims to ensure effortless blogging for beginners, and they are doing a pretty good job at it. Strikingly will never push you for a sale – you can create some of the best free blog sites without paying a dime. Strikingly makes it easy for the inexperienced user to feel like a designer and developer at once.

Wix is easy to use , beginner-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder. This web editor tool allows you to drop elements anywhere you want on any page. You can test the Squarespace platform with a free 14-day trial, which gives you full access to all essential features. After that, you can choose to switch to a paid plan or search for site-building services elsewhere. WordPress is a much more versatile platform with almost-endless possibilities. There is a bit of a learning curve for starters, but once you get the hang of it, you can modify your blog to the tiniest bits and pieces.

The navigation is smooth, and the actual editing is a piece of cake. You can add new sections with a click of a button, and Strikingly even has some pre-made templates for popular choices – a blog, app store, social feed, and more. Medium has much less to offer compared to other free blog sites and surprisingly few options for customization. We are on the verge of 2020, and the platform struggles to keep pace. Medium certainly won’t be one of the first names you’ll hear if you ask clients which is the best blog platform out there. Medium first came out in mid-2012 as an online publishing platform that combines the work of both amateur writers and professional journalists. In such cases, regardless if they’re positive or negative, reviews can’t tell us much about the current state of any blog platform.

  • That could either mean this blogging tool is reliable enough not to cause any rifts, or the project is quietly heading to the end of its life cycle.
  • You just need to create an account and you start sharing your thoughts with the world.
  • The social media feel makes the entire blogging experience more familiar and beginner-friendly.
  • Just like Facebook and Instagram, this social media and microblogging tool comes absolutely free of charge.
  • Today, The Big G has one of the most popular free blogging platforms, hosting millions of pages worldwide.

You don’t even have to sign up or create anything as long as you have a Google account. Whether we are referring to the self-hosted version on or the hosted one on, we have some distinct differences with the free blogging solution by Google. With the number of blogs out there, I am sure we’ll find out soon enough. Our list of best blog sites contains both free and premium blogging solutions.

Fully-hosted platforms like feel like renting an apartment. You can rearrange it as you wish, but at the end of the day, you are a guest in someone else’s home. Apart from the platform, each HostGator plan includes web hosting, one-year domain name registration, and free SSL. All the essentials are there, and you can put up a page online in minutes. We’ve tried the basics – added some images, a video, created a blog – everything was working as intended. Once logged in, you get a quick video tour, and then you’re off picking your initial design and filling your website with content.



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