Browse by alphabetical listing, style, author or popularity. A lot of it is on the unprofessional side, but you can find some choice stuff here. It’s also a good resource if you’re looking to download free fonts with a novelty theme, like the Pac-Man Font featured above. FontSpace has over 2,500 designers supplying fonts, and they’re clearly labelled so you can be sure whether a font is good for commercial use or should be consigned to personal projects only. If your typography budget’s a bit stretched, the web’s full of places where you can download free fonts.

Perpetua is a serif font with a unique design, originally created by English sculptor Eric Gill. There’s a sharp contrast in the stroke weight, for example, look at the lowercase “e” or the number “3”. It’s typically a Windows font, but Baskerville, a close relative, is standard on most Apple devices. Rather than a soft, rounded, and warm design, it’s balanced and focused on clean lines and shapes. This makes it one of the few fonts suitable for both body copy and headlines. All Apple devices include Helvetica fonts, while Microsoft defaults to Arial, its MS equivalent. Goudy Old Style is a soft old-style serif font, with strong serifs and an old-fashioned look and feel.

The periods are diamond-shaped rather than the regular perfect, round circles of most serif fonts. Gill Sans is a sans serif font, with sharp, clean lines that give it a modern look. It’s not ideal for paragraph text out of the box, because of its lack of contrast between letters, and close spacing. But as you can see in the example text, it makes a great-looking headline. Most iOS, macOS, and Windows-powered devices support it. A close relative of Garamond, Georgia is another serif font with mostly rounded edges and a fairly warm feel.

  • Has anyone ever read the movie cover version of the Duff?
  • It may not be as universally usable as Fournier, but its unique style lends itself perfectly to narrative works.
  • Gill Sans would work for some books where the text is light, but for full-page, running narrative, it might be fatiguing for readers who are used to reading such material in serif faces.
  • Electra isn’t very well known by folks who aren’t book designers, but it has a special place in my font drawer.

It has a soft, modern look, with rounded edges to elevate the typical sans serif feel, making it more warm than robotic. We’ve compiled a list of over thirty different great-looking web safe fonts you can use to design your website. In fact, supported fonts vary based on the operating systems, including the current version a user has. So if you design a website with a font only supported by the newest version of Windows 10, most users will see something else. Including variations, there are over 650,000 different fonts available online. Fonts that are supported by the majority of web browsers and operating systems are considered to be web safe.

Work Sans

However you can often end up having to spend ages trawling through badly-made sites and still come away empty-handed. The great thing about web safe fonts is that you latest CyberLink YouCam version don’t have to worry about downloading them.

There’s a range of high-quality TrueType fonts available here, ready for use on Windows and Mac. The site’s easy to navigate and the best fonts are picked for the FontStruct gallery. Find user-generated fonts at FontStructFontStruct is a free font-building tool and community. Users create what the site calls ‘FontStructions’ using the ‘FontStructor’ editor , and are encouraged to share them once they’re finished, for others to download. This means there are a lot of fonts to search through, and more are added every day.

Get a free font each week on Creative MarketAn online marketplace for community-generated design assets, Creative Market offers a selection of free goods each week – including one free font. The design changes each week and is only available for a limited time period. Because the fonts on offer here are typically paid-for, you know you’re getting a good quality product. DaFont is a massive archive of freely downloadable fonts.

Adobe Fonts

They’re already supported by every visitor’s operating system, so you just need to code it in with CSS. If you don’t know anything about HTML and CSS or coding for the web, this might seem a bit overwhelming. There aren’t any cursive fonts that are universally supported across Apple and Microsoft devices. You should consider that using a cursive font for your body text may not be a great idea, as readability is a huge part of website usability. It has slightly bolder letters than Segoe UI and uses square dots for its lowercase letters, periods, and other marks.

Novamind 4 Express

It was developed for Microsoft in 1996 and is still one of the most widespread MS fonts. It’s supported by virtually all Windows and macOS versions. Didot is a font inspired by the original Didot typefaces, used by 19th-century French printing business, the Didot family. It’s an Apple mainstay, supported by the majority of their OS and devices. Cambria is an even softer serif font, with, in many cases, barely noticeable serifs even for capital letters. This gives it a more modern feeland also maintains a high level of readability on screens. Calibri is Microsoft’s standard sans serif font and has been since its release with Microsoft Office 2007.



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