There are 4 options for you to choose from, with the first option “Automatically check for solutions ” set as default. And expand Maintenance section under Security, click on Settings under Check for solutions to problem reports. You probably have seen this kind of message so many times that you are wondering if there is any way you can change this behavior at some point. See this post if problem uploading to the Windows Error Reporting service. This post will show you how you can enable or disable the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Service using the Windows Registry. You can select any programs and ‘Remove’ it just as easily. Each column in the graphical display represents events of a particular day .


  • While you can still use Windows 7 and Windows 8 after support ends, you won’t receive any further security or functionality updates.
  • The codes don’t tell you much by themselves, but they do include a lot of useful info if you hop online and consult Microsoft’s guide on the matter.
  • This will leave you vulnerable to a wide range of risks including how to download dll files cybersecurity attacks and hardware inefficiencies.
  • If your update fails or creates problems, it will often give you an installation error code.
  • The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will offer more control over when updates are applied.
  • Below, we’ve included a table highlighting some of the more common errors.

A Look At Painless Plans Of Dll Errors

Information sent to Microsoft also includes reliability data for devices, the operating system, and apps. This level includes data that is fundamental to the operation of Windows and Windows Update. It includes information about the capabilities of your device, what is installed, and whether Windows is operating correctly . If the words Solution Available appear in the Status column for an item, right-click that item and then click View Solution. With the list grouped or not, you can sort by any field by clicking the field’s column heading.

How to disable access to Windows 10's Settings app

The Facts On No-Hassle Solutions Of Dll

Each red X along the first three lines below the graph (the various “Failures” lines) indicates a day on which problems occurred. The “Warnings” line describes minor problems unrelated to system reliability, such as a program whose installation process didn’t complete properly. The last line below the graph—the line marked Information—identifies days on which an app or an update was installed or removed. You can see the details about the events of any day by clicking on the graph for that day. Reliability Monitor retains its system stability records for one year, giving you plenty of history to review.

For those not sure how to get to gpedit, you can type it into the “Run” start menu item. If it’s not on your start menu, you’ll have to put it there by right clicking your task bar, clicking on the “Start Menu” tab and clicking on “Customize”. Press ok and then run gpedit.msc from the “Run” start menu item. To disable Error Reporting, open Local Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc in the Start Search and hit Enter.

Figure 17-3 The list of saved problem reports displays only the two most recent reports in each group; click More to see earlier reports. Using technology similar to the troubleshooting packs, Microsoft Fix It provides online configuration settings and solutions to a variety of problems. Typically, a Fix It solution allows you to automatically apply a system setting that would otherwise require manual work, such as editing the registry. You can find a full listing of existing Fix It solutions at, although many of the entries there apply only to earlier Windows versions. It’s more common to find a new Fix It associated with a Knowledge Base article that identifies a workaround or mitigation for a security or reliability issue before an update is available.

Figure 17-2 The troubleshooting report lists issues and indicates whether they were fixed. Click the Detection Details link to see more granular information about that item. There’s nothing magical about any of these troubleshooters. Their purpose is to ensure that you check the most common causes of problems, including some that might seem obvious (Is the network cable plugged in? Is the printer turned on?). Running a troubleshooter can result in easy fixes for some issues; more importantly, it establishes a baseline for further troubleshooting.

That might not be exactly how the famous quote goes, but it’s certainly true whenever hardware and software are involved. So, guys, these were the three simple methods to stop Windows Error Reporting service in Windows 10 PC. If you know any other ways, do not forget to share with us in the comment section below.



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