Pizza, french fries and sausages are also very popular with the little girls.


50 questions for etiquette about food: Moritz Freiherr Knigge about etiquette, Bordeaux and extra sausages

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t-online asked the behavior expert and coach Moritz Freiherr Knigge how to elegantly say goodbye to guests and how to deal with unpleasant visitors.

t-online: Mr. Freiherr Knigge, hosts should inform their guests in advance how much time they have planned for the celebration – for example by responding to the invitation "from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m." write?

Moritz Freiherr Knigge: If you want your guests to arrive on time, write around instead of from. Whoever celebrates a children’s birthday is writing from … to, usually three hours, because that’s enough to turn your apartment and house inside out. If you want your adult guests to look forward to the evening and turkish women beautiful keep it in good memory, please don’t tell them when to go. 

It is of course particularly pleasant when the guests are having fun and forget about the time. But if the host is so tired that he can no longer meet his obligations as a host, what is the best way to behave?

Confident hosts simply go to bed and let their guests continue celebrating. Otherwise, I recommend a soulful bouncer à la "Time to say goodbye" so that guests and neighbors know: Man should go when it’s most beautiful and got to go if it is enough. 

How can hosts do the "”Say goodbye to stubborn guests” who don’t want to go home?

Persistent yawning, tidying up and airing are not really elegant, but rather waving fence posts, but from 3 a.m. onwards, elegance also has the right to sleep. Guests who don’t care about the will of their hosts have to live with the fact that the hosts don’t care about an elegant farewell either. 

Moritz Freiherr Knigge: The behavior expert knows what a good host should be like. (Source: Moritz Freiherr Knigge)

Some guests start to offend other guests or make them insecure with their behavior when they drink too much alcohol. Should hosts step in?

My job as a host is to bring people together so that everyone feels comfortable. If you put someone in a bad mood, I’ll show them the yellow card by discreetly putting them aside. Anyone who insults my guests, on the other hand, will be dismissed from the social scene just as discreetly but firmly. Enough for today! Without resentment tomorrow. Because I’m a friend of second chances. 

Moritz Freiherr Knigge, born in 1968, author, speaker and coach. His mission? Making more cooperation possible. Growing up on Rittergut Bredenbeck like his ancestor Adolph, he learned one thing: You can get through life without a kiss on the hand. Not without each other. His motto: Achieve more together. Be it private, professional, face to face or digital. 

How do hosts prevent the mood from changing or the situation from threatening to escalate?

My tip: drop out instead of step in: upset moods and threatening escalation do not fall from the sky, they are emerging. We feel bad vibrations immediately, then try to distract or hope that the situation will calm down again. Just didn’t happen. Because those who are in a rage don’t notice that they are in a rage. I always address bad vibrations and moods directly. This helps everyone enormously to get back down, to find oneself and to get to one another. 

Festive dinners: tablecloths like the professionals Cutlery, candlesticks, jewelry: this is how the silver shines like new Business look in the office: slit on the back of the jacket – cut open or not?

Thank you for the interview, Baron Knigge.

Princess for a day, for most girls their own birthday party is the biggest event of the year. Everything revolves around her on this day and usually such a girl’s birthday party is planned well in advance. Even if these preparations have to be done by the adults, usually the parents, of course, the children can and should be included in the planning.

Designing invitations for a girl’s birthday party

Together with your daughter, think about which children she would like to invite to her girls’ birthday party. In doing so, you should determine the number of children so that you do not have to look after a huge crowd of children. One can, for example, use the rule to invite one child per year of life. For the girl’s birthday, girl-typical invitation cards are of course also suitable, possibly with princesses, fairies or other cute motifs. Your daughter is sure to enjoy coloring in the invitation cards for the birthday party, sticking glitter on them or signing them with her own name.

Birthday parties for girls: themed parties are popular

In the last few years, theme parties have become more and more fashionable, even for small and bigger girls. The most popular type is probably the princess birthday, but also a party on the topic "Pippi Longstocking" or "Bee Maja" is sure to be a successful party. You can either ask the children to come in costumes or have some accessories ready for you to dress up yourself.

Girls love birthday games

The highlight of a girls’ birthday party are basically the games. At theme parties these should of course match the chosen topic. The scavenger hunt, which has been known for generations, can become a princess treasure hunt, and pot hitting can become a search for Maja’s honey pot. A popular Pippi Longstocking game is “Don’t touch the ground”. Set up chairs, tables and sofas so that the children can move around the room with a little skill without having to touch the floor. There are no limits to creativity in the games. Small prizes for playful competitions during the girls’ birthday party are also very popular. However, you should make sure that every child gets something and that there are ultimately no losers.

Food at the birthday party for girls: refreshment for the program

In order to be strengthened for the birthday party, you should offer the girls something to eat at the beginning of the birthday party. So you can start the celebration with the birthday cake and some other goodies (decorating the birthday table – tips for the table decoration). Here, too, there are special options for girls, such as muffins with pink icing. The girls’ birthday party can end with a delicious dinner. Pizza, french fries and sausages are also very popular with the little girls. Make individual gifts for children>> Children’s birthdays: back to the overview

In the first few years of a child’s life, children do not yet need a sophisticated birthday party. During this time it is much more important to counteract the exuberant euphoria of the little ones with calm and small play units. Make sure that the children do not get too restless and that the birthday takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Until the age of four it is usually sufficient if the children visit the playground for a longer period of time. Playing outdoors in the fresh air is the best thing to do at this age.

Games on children’s birthday parties: less is often more

The number of guests can quickly reach unhealthy levels. The small birthday children do not yet have sufficient capacity to handle too many guests. The rule of thumb that the child may invite one guest per year has proven to be the best. This number roughly corresponds to what is good for the children and what they can cope with.

Games for children’s birthday parties: treasure hunt, pot hitting, travel to Jerusalem and Co.

It is only from the age of four that it becomes important to offer games on children’s birthday parties. A treasure hunt that begins with reading a pirate letter, for example, is always the right thing to do. The children are happy if they are mentioned by name in this. Arrows painted on the street and small riddles guide the children to their goal. The treasure is usually hidden in a nearby playground. After the treasure is raised, the children can play freely again.

More complex tasks in games for the children’s birthday party

The treasure hunts become more and more complex with increasing age, there are also age-appropriate tasks that have to be solved in order to reach the next stages. These movement-intensive, group-dynamic games are ideal for celebrating a harmonious children’s birthday party.

Movement games at children’s birthday parties

If the children are slowly getting into adolescence, complementary movement games are the right entertainment on every children’s birthday party: when you blink, one child is always standing in front of another. A child standing alone tries to lure another to him by inconspicuously blinking. The man behind tries to hold it. If he reacts too late, it is his turn to blink. Or Romeo, who is handicapped by a blindfold, tries to catch Juliet, who is slowed down by tied legs.Optimal gifts for disabled children activate skills>> Children’s birthdays: back to the overview

In order to get the invited guests in the mood for an all-round successful children’s birthday party, it is advisable to put the celebration under a motto. The birthday cards can already be designed according to this motto.

Knight, princess, pirate – children’s birthday party with a motto

The motto for a children’s birthday party can cover the classic children’s wishes, such as knight or princess celebrations. But it can also be freely associated. For example, the motto for a winter children’s birthday party can be snow. All guests of the children’s birthday appear in white clothes, the decoration consists of many cotton balls and the dishes are also designed in white with a lot of icing. Further motto suggestions for children’s birthdays can be: circus, forest, Africa, Indians, pirates or other favorite topics that children in different age groups have. The favorite color of the birthday child is also suitable as the motto for the children’s birthday party. It is best to give your child a few to choose from so that they can choose their favorite topic and help to organize the celebration themselves.

Motto children’s birthday: birthday shirt as a reminder

After the motto for the birthday party has been set, it can finally start. The guests are either asked in the invitation card to dress up according to the motto or the hosts themselves take care of clothing according to the motto of the children’s birthday party. For example, T-shirts can be painted with fabric colors by the children. Usually there are white, simple T-shirts at reasonable prices. And the birthday shirt will remind of the festive day long after the motto children’s birthday. T-shirts are a good incentive for children of all ages to let their creativity and imagination run wild. In addition, the children are usually very proud of the result and go home with a sense of achievement. Depending on the age, the best thing to do is to draw a simple figure, which the children can then color in as they wish and continue to design. You can use a template for this. The motto of the children’s birthday can also be written on the shirt and children can color in the letters as they wish.

Children’s birthday party with a motto: decoration, food, games

For water parties, the decoration consists of large fish and there are fish fingers for dinner.



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