Transformer “” actress Megan Fox only looks at her ex with her ultra-green eyes!

Fifa President Gianni Infantino wants to be confirmed in his office next summer. But criticism of his leadership style and claim to power is growing. Revelations that counteract his propagated clean man image contribute to this.

Fifa is deleting the word corruption in its new code of ethics. And bribery is barred. That is interesting. For this, the world football association threatens to punish all those who slander him – whatever that means.

Questions about the supervisory body remain open. What the first few days of negotiation in the process in connection with the Fifa corruption scandal revealed is a confirmation for all who see world football as rotten. At the start in New York, the focus is on key witness Alejandro Burzaco. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Reto Francioni Carsten Kengeter is a head of the stock exchange with visions. Only one year in office, he has already shaped the character of the group.

And he still has big plans for the future. But whether the next big coup will succeed remains to be seen. The new head of the stock exchange, Carsten Kengeter, started his job this morning in Frankfurt. After the expansion to America failed, he is now to lead the German market operator to Asia.

Generation change at Deutsche Börse: At the annual general meeting, the stage mostly belongs to the outgoing CEO Reto Francioni. But his successor, Carsten Kengeter, is setting the first pegs. He’ll need vigor. Deutsche Börse has a new man at its head. Carsten Kengeter brings a breath of fresh air in contrast to his cautious predecessor Reto Francioni.

Insiders are already placing great hopes in the Asia connoisseur. Deutsche Börse is literally floating into the new year. The Dax group recorded a profit jump in the first quarter. The Frankfurt-based CEO Francioni leaves the command bridge after ten years.

He is followed by Carsten Kengeter. Reto Francioni sees the failed merger between Deutsche Börse and Nyse Euronext as a personal defeat. Shortly before his resignation as head of the stock exchange, the European Court of Justice dismissed the DAX company’s action.

The head of the German stock exchange, Reto Francioni, is leaving the trading floor this year. He could go on. In one of his last appearances, he makes it clear that he doesn’t necessarily want that. Maybe because in the end he wasn’t able to achieve all of his goals. By Birgit Haas The German stock exchange operator is back on the road to success.

In the last quarter of the year in particular, investors are driving earnings in view of the political crises. However, the dividend is stagnating. A DAX company benefits from the uncertainty in the markets: Deutsche Börse AG. Because then there is a lot of trading, which is good for the business of the largest German stock exchange operator. He will get a new boss in the coming year.

If things go well on the stock exchange, that’s bad for the stock exchange: Deutsche Börse AG suffers from little movement in investors’ portfolios – and posted a decline in earnings in the second quarter. In the future, new markets are to be expanded more strongly. Income remains constant – but costs are increasing: In view of this constellation, Deutsche Börse missed its targets.

The trading venue operator is confident about the current year. Not the only good news for shareholders. In the Far East, the largest German stock exchange operator is carving a new pillar for the business of the future: Deutsche Börse is at least paying a double-digit million amount to enter the Taipei financial center. As at the beginning of the year, the reluctance of traders and the costs of corporate restructuring are putting pressure on the stock exchange operator’s many paragraphs in an argumentative essay Even after the end of the second quarter, the outlook remains uncertain.

Investors are only slowly returning. The prices are falling, the stockbrokers applaud anyway: Exactly 25 years ago to the day, experts officially calculated a price for the selection of the German stock market heavyweights for the first time. A quarter of a century later, the store operator is celebrating the milestone anniversary – in a very special way. Plain text at a general meeting is still a rarity. This is the result of a study by the University of Hohenheim.

But some board members from the Dax squad manage to get their messages across clearly. BASF boss Kurt Bock does it best. But Telekom is also doing well.

Deutsche Börse stands by Reto Francioni: Despite the failure in the merger with Nyse, the exchange operator extended the contract with the head of the marketplace operator. In the other executive positions, however, there is movement. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on Megan Fox Last year, the actor couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green split up. Fox quickly got a new one Love. Now the marriage is to be divorced.

However, there is some disagreement between the ex-partners. You can get in line again, men! “” Transformer “” – Actress Megan Fox only looks at the ex with her ultra-green eyes! Such a beautiful couple, especially them: Megan Fox and her colleague Brian Austin Green are just “” good friends “”. “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the topic of financial transaction tax If human rights are violated, activists sometimes choose drastic means and exert political pressure through refusal to eat. An MEP is now also following this principle. He doesn’t want to eat anymore – until there is a “” real “” financial transaction tax. The tough struggle to finance the basic pension has come to an end: The governing parties want to pass a corresponding law through the Bundestag this week.

CSU regional group leader Dobrindt is patronizing and at the same time criticizes the coalition partner. German companies and investors are apparently making good profits outside of Germany: According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, they generated at least 236 billion euros in income from their foreign assets in 2018 – and above all in a neighboring country. So that the economy does not suffer a corona shock, the coalition leaders want to facilitate short-time work.

The CSU also uses the meeting on Sunday to torpedo two particularly controversial projects by Finance Minister Scholz: the assumption of municipal debts and the financial transaction tax. The issue of financial transaction tax remains a point of contention in the GroKo. The Union prefers a European solution. Finance Minister Scholz from the SPD is now apparently trying to refute the criticism that the tax primarily affects small savers with two measures. Since 2011 a financial transaction tax has been negotiated at EU level.

Finance Minister Scholz’s new proposal received little recognition. Austria even wants to prevent the advance by all means. The grand coalition now wants to bring the basic pension across the finish line with a task force: Minister of Labor Heil and Minister of Health Spahn are to resolve the issues. After fierce criticism from the Union, top politicians from the CDU and SPD assert that it will still stick to the schedule.

The basic pension is still a point of contention between the Union and the SPD. In the meantime, both sides are wrestling with the concrete form of the laboriously negotiated compromise. The CDU is pushing for improvements. Minister of Labor Heil appeals to the good will of all involved. In December, the finance minister announced that a European share tax is on the home stretch.

Nine countries would go along with Germany. A month later it is doubtful whether the network is still in place. Scholz has already pledged the income for the basic pension. If Olaf Scholz has his way, share purchases will in future be taxed in some EU countries. The finance minister thinks this is a good idea.

The tax hits the wrong people. A comment by Jan Gänger Actually, the new stock exchange tax is already planned in the budget to pay the SPD heart project basic pension. But the response to Finance Minister Scholz’s draft is devastating.

Apart from Chancellor Merkel, hardly anyone gives a damn about the idea of ​​sparing speculators in particular. The European tax on share transactions is getting closer: Germany’s finance minister is submitting a draft for the planned financial transaction tax to his counterparts in nine European countries. Since the financial crisis, politicians have promised a tax on banks’ speculative profits.

Many tough years later, Finance Minister Scholz presented his EU counterparts with a draft law. But the matter is urgent, because the financial transaction tax is already planned for the basic pension. For the Chancellor it is a question of credibility: after a long dispute, the leaders of the grand coalition agree on the basic pension. The agreement met with a positive response in the parliamentary groups of the governing parties. But there are also individual discrepancies.

Olaf Scholz and Bruno Le Maire are taking a step towards their European colleagues when it comes to the financial transaction tax. The two finance ministers want smaller countries to participate more in the levy. This could give new momentum to the stalled negotiations. A few days before the European and state elections, the SPD presents its concept for a basic pension.

And apart from the name, coalition partner CDU can hardly make friends with anything. On the contrary: the party is foaming. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of fire brigade For years, fire fighters in Bremen have been exchanging right-wing extremist content in chat groups. References to this have long gone unnoticed. The state is now investigating hate speech a 52 year old.

The man is said to have shown pictures of his children in front of swastika flags. The fire starts in a commercial building and then eats through parts of the old town of Hannoversch Münden. The fire brigade has been fighting the flames in a large-scale operation for hours. People were not harmed.

2020 already puts 2019 in the shade: More than 89,600 fires have been registered in the Amazon region so far. The local fire fighters, however, hardly arrive. In the meantime, their use is even on the brink. But now the Brazilian environmental authority is rowing back.

These are pictures that speak volumes: In the South Korean city of Ulsan, a fire breaks out in a skyscraper. It doesn’t take long and one side of the building is completely on fire. A van crashes into a tractor-trailer from behind on the A1 and is crushed. Any help comes too late for the inmates. The fire brigade does not find skid marks at the scene of the accident.

The Napa Valley wine-growing fires are spreading at a “” dangerous “” pace. The flames are eating their way uncontrollably through the world-famous region of California. While many people are fleeing, the fire brigade is helpless in the face of what is happening. Two men want to sail from the island of Neuwerk across the North Sea towards the mainland, but do not arrive.

Sea rescue cruisers, helicopters, fire brigade, DLRG and the water police are looking for the sailors – in vain. Your ship will be sighted the next day, the keel drifting above. A fatal traffic accident occurs in Lower Saxony. The driver of the accident car dies on the spot, another woman and six children in the car are in mortal danger.

The fight against the devastating forest fires in the western United States continues. The situation is only easing somewhat in a few regions. After weeks of exposure to smoke, the air in San Francisco is better again for the first time. The surprise should have been great when a man in Falkensee stepped onto his terrace and saw a turtle. The stately animal was after the furniture.

The alarmed forces have some trouble taming the Wüterich. In three US states, residents and authorities are fighting massive fires. The true extent of the devastation cannot yet be foreseen. The weather, which slowly “cooperates”, gives rise to little hope.

What remains are “” smoking ruins “”, chimney skeletons and charred household appliances. In the western US states, bush and forest fires are wreaking havoc in many places. The death toll is increasing. “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of Volker Finke He is a legend at SC Freiburg: Volker Finke shaped the Bundesliga club for a decade and a half, initiating three sustainable projects. Project work, that was his anyway. Also during his intensive engagement in Cameroon.

No matter which club, coaches come and go. Not so in the 2nd Bundesliga in Heidenheim and Braunschweig: Frank Schmidt and Torsten Lieberknecht are starting their eleventh season there and are chasing Volker Finke’s record. The end against Brazil ended a dubious World Cup appearance by the eleven from Cameroon. Coach Volker Finke is still determined to fulfill his contract with the “” indomitable lions “” to the end.

The team’s biggest problems aren’t even on the pitch. After the premature end of the World Cup, Volker Finke wants to tame Cameroon’s national team. There is no lack of an explosive atmosphere in his “” Löwen “”. During the game against Croatia there was even a fight between two players.

Cameroon coach Volker Finke has announced personal consequences after the squabble of two of his players in the 4-0 defeat against Croatia. It is a clear victory, which could have been even clearer: Croatia is merciless towards Cameroon and shoots Volker Finke’s team out of the World Cup. After the defeat at the World Cup opener, the Croatians can now continue to hope. False start in the soccer World Cup for Volker Finke and Cameroon: In the continuous rain of Natal, the team around superstar Samuel Eto’o is left behind against Mexico.

The defeat should have been clear – but the referee prevented that. Volker Finke, Joachim Löw, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Jürgen Klinsmann – no other nation sends as many coaches to the soccer World Cup in Brazil as Germany in June. There are also some of the other coaches with Bundesliga experience. Roque Santa Cruz, Mohamadou Idrissou and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting: In the friendly Cameroon against Paraguay there is plenty of Bundesliga experience on the pitch. With a result that worries Cameroon coach Volker Finke.

Indomitable lions? Not so with Volker Finke. The former Freiburg coach is leading Cameroon to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

His team leaves Tunisia no chance in the second leg in their own place.



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